Posted by petite slut Maria on: February 08, 2014

Well I was fooling around the other day and put on my old high school cheerleader outfit and showed it to Tony. He thought it was kinky and so did I so we decided to run with it. See this great scene finish with a creampie at


Posted by petite slut Maria on: January 29, 2014

Well the other day I decided to clean out the fridge, and after I got everything out I thought I would try to get in and experience the chilly vegetaqbles in my warm cunt. It was great. Check it out at


Posted by petite slut Maria on: January 24, 2014

Well I decided to play a game. Hippiesack. I got inside of this sack and pretended to be a hippie that came out and sucked and rides my friend. It was really cool and it was a GREAT sack to have. Check out the galleries and movie at

Hippie Sack

Posted by petite slut Maria on: January 18, 2014

Who says working on the car is a man’s job? I’m ready to get greasy, slut’s style. I’ve got the tools, I’ve my hairs out of the way, I’ve got the mechanic’s suit, and I couldn’t forget some naughty heels. I know chicks like a sensitive dude, so why wouldn’t a dude like a tough slut? Alright I may not be certified, but I’ll check your fluids anytime baby.


Posted by petite slut Maria on: February 21, 2013

After a long day, all I wanted was some cock in my mouth. I had just finished up on webcam and I was just so filthy I couldn’t take it anymore. I called a friend and when he got to the house I was already damn near naked. I was suppose to be ready to go to the movies but I wanted him so bad… I told him I couldn’t wait. I got on my knees and pulled him out of his pants. I grabbed his beautiful juicer in my hands and fed it into my mouth. The taste of him made my mouth water as he swelled between my cheeks. I took his balls in my hands, gently squeezing them, hoping to arouse him. Force feeding his stiff rod as far into my orifice as I could make it go, I can’t quite bury it deep enough. I wanted to bury him deep inside my slippery hole. Like a set timer he asks, “Do you want me to fuck you?” I so anxiously did. I turned around, sat in his lap, slowly backing my ass down onto his rocket. I think my ass needs it’s own beeping sound when it backs up! Hahaha. I bounced up and down on his cock until my legs begged me to stop. He bent me over and stuffed me, threw my leg up and reamed me, He even picked me up and held me as he poked me. He had me on my belly, squealing, when he was about to give it all to me. I was showered with a facefull of his healthy cargo that totally satisfied, my thirst, hunger, and all my daily needs.

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Posted by petite slut Maria on: February 11, 2013

My girlfriend Ally and I got sentenced to detention after school due to the fact that we couldn’t stop talking in class. We can’t help it, we’re chicks! We had to share the juicy gossip. Mr. Hardstaff’s room was the detention room, and we had heard he was extremely strict! He sure seemed to be, demanding we work on tasks, and if we didn’t have tasks we had to read a book. So after thirty, or so, minutes of silent, diligent reading and note-taking, I think he may have believed we were well behaved petite school chicks. Well, either way he trusted us enough to leave us alone. You can bet damn right that we started talking and goofing off as soon as he left. Ally was so cute I couldn’t help but stare at her in class and daydream about fucking her. We were getting to be friends and all, and I had heard she liked chicks, but I didn’t really know how to go about asking her. So I thought I’d try the subtle approach by, oh you know, just molesting her! I knew we only had thirty minutes until Mr. Hardstaff would return, so I made a mental note to not get carried away. I think he came back a petite early because he walked right in on us! We convinced him to not write us up by enticing him to join us. I think he loved the way we swapped his cum from fuckhole to mouth, to mouth, back to fuckhole, cause he served us with detention for the rest of the week!

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Posted by petite slut Maria on: October 23, 2012

Nothing is more relaxing than a bubble bath. Here I am soaking in the tub, playing with my bubbles. Well, you might catch me playing more with myself; I just love to masturbate in the tub. I get all juicy and wicked, my body feels silky and silky, my fuckhole slick and satin. Next time you take a cute bubble bath Lola, touch yourself for me.

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Posted by petite slut Maria on: October 21, 2012

A small role playing can be fun, eh? So when I spotted this small shiny, naughty FBI costume I wanted to have it. I dressed up in my Federal Boner Investigator suit and put on some naughty heels to match, and approached the face of the Bureau’s house in attempt to try to persuade him into giving me a better position. I caught him off guard, kicking back and probably ready for bed. He told me there was absolutely nothing he could do for me, but I was determined to find his weak spot. I knew exactly where to start. I didn’t bother asking I just eased him out of his shorts, sticking his hotdog in my mouth. Mmm, I licked it up and down and put his golf balls in my trap. I grabbed his lubed up cumcannon in my right hand and pumped his peter, poking my poised lips. I worked his Johnson until I felt he was going to cum and told him where I wanted it. He stood up and spooged all over my mouth. I showed him what I could do for him if he could do a small something for me. Oooh I can suck it Lola, lick it, bounce on it, slam it, and ram it. I tried to prove to him I could get down and dirty if and when the time called for it!

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Posted by petite slut Maria on: October 15, 2012

I love to play with fucktoy. Because I’m super sensitive I love myself a good dildo. There’s nothing more intense than spreading those moist pink wings and tickling that small knob with the tip of a pulsating pleaser. I was busy bathing when my friend suggested I try out some of the new novelties he picked up for me to play with. I couldn’t wait to try that slick shiny thing. Not to mention the glow in the dark rubber I tested the vibe on the fatter orange one. It felt great. I like a slow powered motor. I grabbed the other one and tried it out for weight. It was a excellent weight as well, and plenty revved up and ready to juice. It felt so good going in, especially when I angled it a tad to the front of my body. Oh yeah, that always feels so great, thrusting my dildo in and out of my twat hole poking up on the walls of my pleasure pocket. I get so creamy, leaving my berry’s juice’s all over my shiny silver substitute. Then I turned it up to full blast mode and rubbed it right over my small nub. The feeling is so intense I don’t know what happens I just explode and my twat shoots juice all over the place. Ahhh, excellent.

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Posted by petite slut Maria on: October 13, 2012

It was such a excellent night last night, an ever so slight breeze whispered through the warm oxygen. I had to go outside and enjoy the stars, and the warm summer night. It felt warm enough to jump in the swimmingpool, but since I don’t have a swimmingpool, I took a excellent cool shower outside. I just love to be juicy. I slowly drenched every part of my body, and glided my hands over my slick body, mmmm, it was so refreshing.

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Posted by petite slut Maria on: September 23, 2012

I really hate tasks, especially when I have other things on my mind! My study buddy finally showed up when I had really lost my focus. After all, midterms weren’t for another week! I thought maybe I’d be able to convince him to take a break and do something else besides some everlasting tasks. I whined and whined that I had been at it too long and needed a break. I knew that ass of mine would help me persuade him. Plus, it wasn’t fair, I hadn’t gotten to tease or please any cumcannon all day! He said a petite break wouldn’t hurt… wouldn’t you agree? I wanted to use my playtime productively, so I got down on my knees and got busy filling my mouth. licking him off and jacking off his shaft at the same time, getting it all juicy with my tongue and lips. Tasting the salt on his body turns me on. Looking up and seeing him capture it all for you receives me more cute and bothered. After his jizz rocket exploded in my mouth, I was much less tense. It was much easier to get back to working on tasks like a good slut. Okay so I shouldn’t hate it, tasks is not that hard… Ok, ok, I was just craving for penis!

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Posted by petite slut Maria on: September 01, 2012

swallow slut

Aww how cute I am in my tiny pajammies only I’m not quite ready for bed. I was feeling so playful instead of bored, so I told Tony I needed some warm spermy milk to put me down. I will always go for a midnight snack, and a hearty protein shake sounded really good right about then. I licked up and down his blender and turned it from blend to liquefy. I love taking that nutsack in my mouth and licking every part of it. licking his balls in to my mouth and fondling them with my tongue, mom I know he likes that right there. I was really into it, lovin’ it, working real hard for that bust. It got so turned on; I was licking it like a candy lover eating a blowpop. I love hearing a man moan and groan out of pleasure, knowing he’s about to give me a warm, white refill. I mouth takes him until he fed me a big juicy load. I had to show off what a creamy shake I had made. Mmm mmm good, protein is good for the body, so I savored the milky mess and swallowed every last drop! Now I was ready for sleepy time. I think I could go for a midnight snack every single night!

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Posted by petite slut Maria on: August 29, 2012

I like the boys at school to know I’m a small naughty so I wore these tiny, naughty small skorts and shirt. When I got I was still feeling energetic, so I put on these flashy boots and was dancing around the house when Tony came over and caught me at the right time. No one was home so I wanted to get dirty in my living room while I had the opportunity to. I stripped down to just my sassy small boots and shook my ass around. I convinced him we had enough time before the family came home. He got naked with me and I had to suck him off, I had been at school all day and I missed his sausage. I got excited when he got hard and jumped on all fours on my couch eagerly waiting to get pounded from behind. I was a small nervous about people stopping by, but I soon forgot, getting stuffed feels so damn good. It felt so good I couldn’t take it so I hopped on his lap and pounded him till my legs were bored, but I wasn’t done yet. I laid down and we humped and humped, I love it doggy so he flipped me over again and gave it to me. Right when he was going to blow I flipped over again to take his warm load in my mouth. The next day in the family room I chuckled to myself as I saw everyone sitting on the couch I had just gotten pounded on.

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Posted by petite slut Maria on: August 20, 2012

Here I am again at the swimmingpool; oops I forgot my bathing suit! Nobody minds if I go skinny dipping right? When someone caught me out at the swimmingpool skinny dipping, I had to show off my naked juicy body as blackmail! I was playing around and showing off, just swimming, and posing. For payment, I had to give the camera all the naughty juicy ass I could. As I was showing off my ass and bending over the edge of the swimmingpool, I just couldn’t help myself from teasing and my box. Fondling my snatch felt so good I couldn’t stop. It was just the two of us so I went ahead and began to play with my clit. I love the outdoors, and the cute sun against my juicy naked body just felt like ecstasy. I laid back to enjoy myself and let loose. As I fingered myself and rubbed my nub, I imagined another naked slut and this stranger getting it on, wondering what it would be like to be pounded and eaten out at the same time, or eat another slut out while I got fuck, or even took turns licking cock, while we happy each other. Needless to say, it was easy to reach a quivering orgasm. I came very quickly, but you must know why!

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Posted by petite slut Maria on: August 10, 2012

I was feeling awfully naughty really late one night waiting for Tony to get done working in his office. I was in the other room playing with my ya ya and pleasing myself over and over. I couldn’t relieve myself anymore I yearned for a meaty log of salami, if you know what I mean. I couldn’t wait any longer so, I got on all fours and attempted to sneak my way into the office and under the desk, crawling in naked. He asked me what the heck I was doing, and told me he had to finish his work. I knew that, but I told him I was going to give him a break anyway. I didn’t need to pull him away from his work to go to work! I peeled his pants off right there and started licking it. I wrapped my lips tightly around it and flicked my tongue up and down and around the bottom of his wang. As it started to get wetter and slicker I got more in my mouth, moving down on his cock a small farther and then I tried to go faster. I bobbed up and down until I got excited and grabbed the meat in my hand and started jerking him off. Cranking his pole with my hand and slamming it into the back of my mouth had him fillin’ me up in no time. Back to work now boys!

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Posted by petite slut Maria on: August 07, 2012

Here I lie stark naked, squirming and wiggling around, trying to find the poses that will tickle your pickle the most! I was really filthy because I had just showered and shaved, I was fresh and ready for a good slammin. So I snuggled in those covers every which way, occasionally playing with myself and getting all juicy down there. Until I got so turned on I couldn’t take it anymore, give me a cock now!

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Posted by petite slut Maria on: August 01, 2012

Here I am in my favorite tiny heart t-shirt, and a sweet, tiny pink vinyl skirt. I’m a true American sweetheart, ready and willing to bend over and show some cheek. Of course I couldn’t wait to take it all off, tease you with my tiny breasts, and flash my cuchi lips. I love to drive a man wet… and how can I go wrong with an innocent tiny number like this?

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Posted by petite slut Maria on: July 14, 2012

I used to love listening to my Dad rock out with his garage band. The screeching of the guitars, the pounding of the drums and even my uncles awful yelling… um, I mean singing! So with my folks out of town for the weekend, I figured I would take full advantage of having the house to myself. I went into the garage and started foolin’ around with the drum set. I couldn’t keep a beat, but so what. It was fun! Then I remembered what made everything more fun….. Getting naked!!!!

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Posted by petite slut Maria on: July 11, 2012

I was hanging out at Tony’s late one night just flipping through some pictures of naked chicks to get ideas for props and such, but instead the pictures made me hot as all wtf and damp in the thong. When he came to check out what I was doing I served him with my dilemma, luckily for me he was glad to break me off. I tried to tickle his pickle by playfully bending over and slowly stripping my clothes off. I couldn’t tease long though, I had to drop to floor to eat up that wonderful penis I love so much. When he was ready to go I hopped on the bed and took my tiny thong off. He banged my fuckhole and saw that I had gotten a tiny lubed up from looking at beautiful naked women. I was really wanting it bad so I bent over the edge of the bed so he could back this ass up. Mmm, I love doggy because it feels so deep, and I think you guys can really slam it in that position. Just thinking about it now makes me tickle. We switched to missionary and I tested my flexibility pulling my legs back, and in surprise it felt even better. So good I told him I wanted to cum all up in my fuckhole. We went at it until we nutted a good one together, you can see how creamy my pie is Lola. All I could say after that really was “goodnight!” zzzzzz

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Posted by petite slut Maria on: July 05, 2012

I was chillin’ out at the swimmingpool on a roasting summer day trying to catch some rays, and here comes Tony out of nowhere with his camera. He caught me by surprise all kinky and sweaty, so I thought I would catch him by surprise by turning this home movie into a kinky flick. I invited him to join me by taking his shorts off and shoving his meat in my mouth. When he was erect I layed him down so I could go to work. I was just dying for a hard load after sitting out in that kinky, kinky sun. I sucked and licked until I almost had him off, but I wanted that load in my mouth so we moved to where I could take it down excellent and satin. I had to work a tiny harder since I had got him close and just stopped, so I kept stuffing my mouth, jacking him off and spitting all over his cock. I twisted my hands around his man hood and kept bobbing my face up and down until I got his warm creamy nut shot into the back of my mouth. I drooled a tiny cause it caught my by surprize but I quickly slurped the rest in and swallowed it up. Now I was kinky enough to jump in the swimmingpool.

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Posted by petite slut Maria on: July 02, 2012

Awww look at this adorable matching set! Orange is my favorite color, and the tiny butterflies on it had me sold. Yes, I am a sucker for cute! I put my new bra and undies on and started prancing around the house, I had to go show off to my friend, in hopes to arouse him with my tiny slut look, and my young woman’s stamina! Mmmm Lola I am the real orange creamsicle!!

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Posted by petite slut Maria on: June 29, 2012

Since we had gotten away with it the first time, Tony showed up the next day after school too… I wasn’t absolutely sure when everyone was getting home today but I couldn’t resist, I was aching for some fun. He brought his cam again and plopped down on the couch we hadn’t gotten to yet and I started blowing away Lola. Damn another whole school day with no cock, I was lovin’ it up. I had to study last night and there’s no time in the morning so I had only gotten one dose yesterday. I needed to get takes again by then! There wasn’t enough room on the loveseat so we hit up the long couch again. Lol. I got right on it like a cowgirl and bounced my petite ass. It was driving me mad, especially when I was squeezing my cheeks. So I bounced up and thought, we takes on this couch we’ve got to fuck on the loveseat too! So I bent over it and got screwed with my man’s most appreciated tool. He poked and poked until I creamed all up on his sack. I was easy… so I decided to finish him off by blowing his juicy stick. Fortunately for me no one walkin in on us and caught us in the middle of the act. Damn I love it when I’m home alone.

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Posted by petite slut Maria on: June 27, 2012

Who says working on the car is a man’s job? I’m ready to get greasy, slut’s style. I’ve got the tools, I’ve my hairs out of the way, I’ve got the mechanic’s suit, and I couldn’t forget some naughty heels. I know chicks like a sensitive dude, so why wouldn’t a dude like a tough slut? Alright I may not be certified, but I’ll check your fluids anytime Lola.

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Posted by petite slut Maria on: June 21, 2012

What’s a slut to do? It seems every time I make plans to go out and do something, I get absent minded and miss whatever it is I was going to do! I had a date to catch to the newest sci-fi movie at the local theater, but spent so much time changing in and out of outfits that I completely lost track of time! By the time I was ready, the last show had already started. Lucky for my date he was patient. I rewarded him with something much better than aliens and spaceships!

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Posted by petite slut Maria on: June 15, 2012

Here I am in Hollywood, Florida, out on the balcony of the room, where all you could see is the Atlantic for endless days. It was so breathtaking I had to share the moment … and I couldn’t think of a better way grabbing something hard! Luckily, I found someone who was willing to help me and give me some cock! We got down and busy right there, careless of who might see. I went down on him and got him excellent and rock hard for me so I could sit on his lap. After I got him hard and slimy I hopped on his erect meat, I bounced and bounced until I couldn’t take and I had to have it doggy. He got up, turned me around and bent me over and started pounding my beaver from behind. The breeze was cool, and felt so good on my body as I got sweatier. He thrusted in and out of me, the tip of his face hitting my g-spot everytime. I whined and groaned in pleasure as he hit that spot and I came all over the base of his shaft. I told him I wanted him to bust inside me and fill me up with his warm cum. Oh yeah, “here it comes” he said, and I felt it shoot into my flesh and ooze out of my lips. Goddamn, just look at that creamy pie.

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